Personal Fitness

With the personal fitness program you can train every day from Monday to Saturday. The goal of the training is to pick you up from your daily condition and push yourself to your personal limit. Your personal trainer studies you from training to training and can therefore quickly respond to your personal training status. This gives you the opportunity to really push yourself to the limit while having a lot of fun. The result for you is well-being, a healthy and beautiful body that you can really clear your mind and that you are very efficient in the long term. Your employer and your personal environment will notice pretty quickly that you are happy and comfortable. 

Personal Health

The Personal Health program is a combination of sports and health psychology. You regularly take advantage of psychological sessions where we address your problems together and solve them step by step. The result is that you will feel mentally strong and will build self-confidence and self-confidence. At the same time you will reduce aggression, anger and anger on the punching bag and you will also strengthen yourself with every training session. The sandbag training is tailored to you and, in connection with the psychological health units, strengthens your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-confidence and self-confidence. You can take advantage of the Health Kickboxing training from Monday to Saturday.

The advantage of Health Kickboxing is that you not only beautify and train your body, but you also train your mind. In combination with nutritional advice, which you can also take advantage of, you are well prepared for any challenge you want to face. Or you simply enjoy your new awareness – that which you really are – to live in joy and happiness.

Those around you will quickly notice how well you feel and how healthy and attractive you look.

Personal VIP

Would you like a little more comfort? With the VIP training you can schedule your training exactly as you want. If you travel a lot for work, then always make a short or long-term appointment for your private training. Come to the training and your personal trainer can respond to your wishes so that you can quickly achieve your goals, whether kickboxing, body shaping, technique training, self-defence or just fitness. Gloves and bandages are provided to you free of charge.

Your personal trainer is also a sports and health psychologist and can support you with your personal challenges, whether it is stress reduction, conflict management or strengthening your personality. You get a comprehensive package and can train Body & Mind together to master your professional and private challenges with ease.

With the VIP package you are flexible and can always train quickly and effectively with your personal trainer, even if you are away for a long time.

Your employer and your personal environment will notice relatively quickly that you are like a different person.